Ethical Management

Code of Ethics

Code of ethics
  • Chapter 1 Responsibilities for and obligations to our customers
  • Chapter 2 Legal compliance and fair competition
  • Chapter 3 Fair transitions
  • Chapter 4 Respect for shareholders
  • Chapter 5 Responsibilities for and obligations to the country and society
  • Chapter 6 Responsibilities of employees
  • Chapter 7 Basic ethics for employees
  • Chapter 8 with the Code of Ethics
Statement of ethics
  • 01 shall not abuse my authority in dealing with subcontractors and subordinates.
  • 02 acknowledge the dignity of subcontractors and subordinates, and shall refrain from overbearing attitudes.
  • 03 shall maintain my dignity in words and deeds during work.
  • 04 shall do my work according to rules and regulations without using shortcuts.
  • 05 shall not force subcontractors to accept unreasonable demands or responsibilities.
  • 06 shall communicate in a clear manner during work according to the 5W1H principle.
  • 07 shall prioritize transparency of transactions when working with stakeholders.
  • 08 shall ensure transparency of numbers and never attempt to make a false report.
  • 09 shall standardize my work to share it with others
  • 10 shall always endeavor to improve the reputation of the company.